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Nadir, -noun

1: The point of the celestial sphere that is directly opposite to the zenith and vertically downward from the observer.

2: The lowest point

The lowest point refers to the depth of someone’s self, everything underneath the surface of someone’s waves.

Nadir is a vehicle for the nostalgic memories remaining from the summers at the Dutch coast. This is visualized through the oversized silhouettes that refer to children wearing their parents’ clothing, and the  materials found at the shore; a fragmented memory bank. 

These materials are intertwined with a leather-like material of bike tires to prove that materials which are seen as useless can be given worth. That unattractive materials can be transformed into something attractive; refurbishing materials as a statement against the mass consumerism that is part of today’s society; not everything has to be new to be worthy of something.

The pleated / painted textile refers to the sea, and the way the moonlight shines on it after midnight, when the warm and sunny days turn to cold, dark nights. Moonlight shining on black waves, the silver lining of the dark. 
After midnight is when all the treasures strand on the beach and can be found by the people who turn up the very first in the morning to look for them. People in our lives, who are trying to get to know who we truly are and what we’re made of will make effort to collect all your pieces to unfold the beautiful mess that you are. 

Memories and experiences make you who you are, and only the person who is genuinely interested will recognize the silver lining of your darkness.

The Lowest Point (of Self)
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