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" On Saturday 23 April 2022, the Utrecht Room of the Centraal Museum will open an exhibition on digital fashion in collaboration with Utrecht fashion collective Studio PMS: 'From Fit to Polygon'. The Centraal Museum reports this in a press release.

The exhibition brings to light the various possibilities of digital design and gives a look behind the scenes of the digital design process. In addition, the museum's existing historical fashion collection has been revived by means of digital techniques. There is also work on display by, among others, the Dutch digital fashion collective The Fabricant and Dutch designer Tess van Zalinge.

Curator of fashion at the Centraal Museum, Ninke Bloemberg, shares in the press release: 'The uniqueness of this exhibition is that the physical and digital world not only come together, but are really an added value for each other. (...) Enchanting!' "

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“Historical clothing often is fragile and sometimes may not even be exhibited on a mannequin. Centraal museum utrecht came up with something: it had twenty masterpieces from the archive collection digitised. Every stitch of a seam is a carefully placed mouse click.”
- Nora Veerman

Original dress is in courtesy of Fong Leng, 1975

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